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- Pricing - 

Lessons are generally conducted over an hour, hour and a half or 2 hours. Pre-paid packages can be used for lessons of more than an hour in duration.

(Prices do not vary regardless of whether lessons are conducted in automatic, manual or your own vehicles).

We try to keep lesson costs affordable, but please remember that the cost of driving lessons are minor compared to the monetary and / or emotional costs associated with a collision that possibly could have been avoided had the driver gained better low-risk driving skills.

Driving Lesson

Great for flexibility


  • Revise prior drive/s

  • Driving Skills

  • Safe Driving Behaviours

  • Parking

  • Road rules

  • Practice Test

  • Test preparation

5 Hour Package

Boy Raising Hand
Increase those hours


  • Skills Per $70 lessons

  • Flexibility for longer lessons

  • Can use for lesson & test

10 Hour Package

Bulk buy to save


  • Skills Per $70 lessons

  • More scope for broadening skills

  • Greater flexibility of hours

  • Less financial outlay later

Pre-Test Lesson

Fine tune those skills


  • 1 hour lesson and use of car

  • Drive in testing area

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Parking / 3PT revision

  • Documentation preparation

  • Transport to and from test

Aged Assessment

Aged assess Arthur (003)_edited.jpg
Keeping you independent


  • Your own area

  • Your car (or ours)

  • Relaxed environment

  • Results submitted on-line

Gift Vouchers

Great gift idea

from $70.00

  • A fantastic gift for someone starting out

  • Can be used on any service

  • Personalised gift card

  • No expiry date

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More Information

Let's make you feel a little more comfortable

What to expect from a lesson?

  • Lesson content is structured to the needs of the individual student, based on their driving experience and personal abilities.

  • First lessons consist of a short driving assessment (to gauge competency) then working through structured lessons based on the 20 competencies outlined in the front of the student's logbook.

  • Lessons can be booked as 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours in duration.

  • Lessons typically incorporate broad driving environments and related skills beyond those found in “test routes”.

  • Prior to the driving test we encourage students to do practice tests with our instructors.

Package Information

  • We offer 5 and 10 hour pre-paid lesson packages.

  • Pre-paid hours can be used for 1 hour, 90 minute or 2 hour lessons.

  • Pre-paid lessons can be used at any time throughout the student's driving journey.

  • Pre-paid packages have no expiration date.

  • Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase pre-paid packages.

  • Refunds are available, but conditions apply for the balance of pre-paid packages.

Aged Assessment & Refresher Lessons

  • Boulevarde are accredited to perform RMS Aged Assessments for those over 85 years of age, as an alternative to completing an assessment at a SNSW branch.

  • Our instructors are patient, cheerful and supportive.

  • Assessments can be performed from client's homes or other locations.

  • Assessments are performed in the client's local areas.

  • We recommend refresher lesson/s in the weeks preceding an assessment, to familiarise clients with the process.

  • Gift Vouchers can be purchased for assessments and refresher lessons.

  • Assessments can be done any time after your annual medical assessment is completed.

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