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  • Do you do 3 for 1 lessons?
    Yes we do. This scheme is limited to the first 10 hours of lessons with a licenced instructor.
  • Can I request a particular educator/trainer?
    Yes you can. Simply put this is your notes on the booking request page and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Can I start and finish a lesson from different locations?
    Yes, provided we are made aware of the start & finish locations at the time of booking the lesson/s.
  • Can I use my own car?
    Yes. We are happy to provide lessons in student's own cars provided they are registered, roadworthy and insured. Lessons in own cars cannot start and finish in different locations.
  • When should I get lessons?
    We strongly recommend commencing lessons when starting your hours, then at regular intervals as your hours build, and then close to your driving test.
  • Is it OK to just get a few lessons shortly before my test, so I can pass my test?
    The reason for lessons should be to improve driving skills that you will use every time you drive a car, not just to “pass the test”. Driving habits are formed in the early stages of driving, and it is much harder to break those habits just before doing a driving test. The risk of being involved in a crash increases exponentially as soon as you attain your licence – begin learning early how to drive safely, not simply how to pass the short test.
  • As a supervising driver, I don't know the standards to teach and / or I am nervous in the car.
    Consider sitting in on a driving lesson/s! Good instructors will encourage supervisors to accompany students on lessons and provide feedback and direction to parents & supervisors on how to progress the student's skills.
  • What's the benefit of the 20 hour driving courses? My daughter / son doesn't need the hours.
    These courses get participants to address issues such as passenger / phone / music distractions they will have after getting their licences, and give them strategies to deal with the same. They will also address common crash-type issues in an on-road component. We encourage Learners to do the course for the knowledge they'll gain, and the 20 hours is a bonus!
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